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Be proud of who you are and be your authentic self. Don't be silenced and don't ever do something because everyone else is.

Dara Treseder, Forbes #1 Most Influential CMO 

Caleigh Hernandez

Founder and CEO of RoHo

""Sometimes you just have to accept that you don't know what you don't know - and that's expected and shouldn't stop you from pursuing your business."

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Petra Beumer

Mindful Eating Institute

"Practice work/life balance and managing your energy wisely. Commit to “un-plugging” in order to prevent entrepreneurial burnout."

"Embrace uncertainty. Strengthen your inner resilience muscle.

  It’s okay to make mistakes"

" Many successful entrepreneurs have had to re-invent themselves multiple times. Trust me, I know."

"Join professional network groups!"

As an Undergraduate at UCSB, WIB is a great place to start!

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Words of Wisdom for the Aspiring Women in Business

Sandra Daniele

Founder of Wish on Wildflower

"No matter how clear the path left by another person you aren't meant to follow in anyone's footsteps.

Their journey isn't your journey.

Your life is yours to live authentically.

To live authentically, you need to take the high road.

The road that was meant only for you to travel on.

You may feel scared, exposed, and uncomfortable.

Pushing through those initial feelings leads to confidence, security, self-trust, freedom and accomplishment.

You don't have to travel the road alone."

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Barbara J. Aue


 "I think the most valuable thing I’ve done that is a bit unusual for accountants is to take several psychology courses (theoretical and applied).  We don’t actually sit in front of a computer with fingerless gloves and green eyeshades.  This is a very people-oriented profession, and many students haven’t gotten that picture.


Yes, the students need all the business stuff, all the numbers, all the technology, all of that hard (as opposed to soft) stuff.  But they will also be dealing with people that have just lost a spouse, people who just had a financial windfall (or disaster), people who were burnt out in the last fire, people who need for you to look at the rest of their life in all sorts if situations (“I know we are in CA, but should we sell the Oregon farm?”).  The psychology classes will teach being able to be quiet and listen, to take a holistic look at the client’s family, work and life for decision-making, etc.


Our clients, by and large, do not need someone preaching at them, but someone guiding them into thinking their own way through whatever the decision at hand is.  That’s where the profession is and is going even more.  That includes corporate work as well as work with individuals and families. "

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Member Testimonials 

Anna Westberg

I am so thankful that I found Women in Business because it has allowed me to really grow my confidence and career ambitions. The support network is unparalleled and I feel so much more prepared for future employment opportunities. I am also very grateful for the life-long friendships and connections I have made as a result of being a member.

Kendall Keller

I initially joined Women in Business to expand my horizons as a Sociology major. I have found it so inspiring to meet other business-minded women as well as hear from speakers on their career trajectories as they navigate a male-dominated atmosphere. It has also been so helpful to work on our resumes, learn how to network, and develop our business identities. WIB is such a fun and practical club to join—I couldn't recommend it enough!

Julienne Crocker

Women in Business has allowed me to meet so many women at UCSB with compatible passions and interests, and I've greatly benefitted from the advice of others also pursuing careers in business. The club has expanded my network immensely, from hosting guest speakers to connecting me to job opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise received, I truly look forward to each meeting.



University of California, Santa Barbara

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